Butchering the Hog

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It all began one morning as I walked outside in the yard…

It had sprinkled the night before, and everything shone with glistening dewdrops, looking like diamonds heavily strewn over the grass and trees. I had been busy the last couple of days and had not had a chance to warm up the ham rig, so I was unaware of the devastation lurking over my head. I walked through the side yard of our 200 year old farm house, breathing deeply and enjoying the morning sunshine, listening to the chattering chirps of the birds — just being grateful to be alive and blessed!

But then my eyes followed the straight form of my antenna tower from its base up, up… until I saw my Hex beam antenna!

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Where I remembered the graceful, 'upside-down-umbrella' look of my prized beam, I now saw an asymmetrical jumble of wire and broken fiberglass spreaders. I stared in unbelief! What had happened to the antenna!? …

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