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Back in the years BC (Before Computers), every Ham actually built or at least worked on or modified his or her equipment. Whether it was a kit or an expensive factory built receiver and transmitter duo, everyone had to change tubes, add a BFO or Q multiplier, or (if they did not wish to make any external modifications for fear of devaluing the radio) build some simple external unit to enhance their operating pleasure. And, if the radio was kept for any length of time (only the very wealthy could afford to purchase a new radio every five years or so!) there was always the requirement to realign the IF or RF stages in the receiver or transmitter to get the absolute best reception.

Having acquired my Novice license (WN4CSS) in the mid 60's, I enjoyed building, tweaking, re-building, adding on, and even designing a 160 - 2 meter transceiver (never built the thing, but it was fun to design each stage!) To help me with my desire to create, it was imperative that the proper manuals be acquired. If the manual did not come with the radio (as it did with each Heathkit or Knightkit) then I would always purchase a service manual to help me know what was going on in the bowels of the radio.

Unfortunately, whenever I sold a radio, I also included the service manual, so I no longer have access to important information of such radios as the Drake TR7, the ICOM IC-745, the Yaesu FT-101, the Heathkit SB-300/400 series, The Ten-Tec Triton IV, or the Kenwood TS-870. Once we entered the AD years (After Digital) I made a practice of scanning in all my manuals and keeping them on the computer in pdf format. It is these manuals which I now offer for your viewing. They have served me well, and I hope they will help you.

In addition, I collect manuals of equipment in which I am interested in either acquiring, or thinking about acquiring. Maybe you would like to investigate some of the accessories which I have included. Along with the manuals you will also find hints, modifications and general information about all sorts of Amateur Radio related items. Enjoy!

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