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Early in 2013, I needed to do some maintence on my Force 12 Beam. In the process of getting it down off the tower I discovered that my strength is not what it used to be. The antenna was just at the limit of what I could handle! Since it was down, I decided to replace it with a lightweight Hex beam. After looking over the selection of Hex Beams, I finalized my choice to the Hexagonal Beam by KIO Technology ( Even with 20-6 meters on it, it still was light weight enough for me to lift with one hand and was pre-cut to the correct lengths. So, I sold the Force 12 beam to a friend, and purchased the Hexagonal Beam and put it up. It is not as good as the Force 12 Yagi, but it does well enough that I can still bust pileups with 500 watts on the 2nd or 3rd call.

Notice that the only problem I have with it is trying to determine the direction it is pointing just by looking at it. I finally learned that by concentrating enough to see which sector has the fewest horizontal cables, I know that that is the direction of its heading. It is not as sharp s the Yagi, so I do not have to be exact in my aiming. North east gets all of Europe, and Northwest to Southwest gets most of the United States. South gets South America and Florida, and East encompasses Africa. That's good enough for me! -- READ UPDATE BELOW!


One day this Spring, I went ouside to work in the garden early in the morning. I happened to look up at my tower and my jaw dropped... My Hex Beam was in pieces! I looked all around on the ground, and there was no evidence of anything which may have caused the destruction. I thought a low flying bird (buzzard, wild turkey, hawk, etc.) had hit it, but there were no feathers, no dead bird, -- nothing!. So, the final conclusion which I came to was that an ALIEN SPACECRAFT hit the beam and broke the fiberglass spreaders. If they had contemplated any abduction, then it served them right! But I was left with a destroyed antenna. So, I took it down and have decided to work with wire antennas for a while.


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20 - 6 Meter Hexagonal